Is a Palestinian Visual Artist/ Painter, he currently lives and works in Paris. Jad was born in Tulkarem, West-bank, Occupied Palestine in 1983 where he grew up. In 2001, he joined the Fine Arts College at An-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2005. A few months later he travelled to Norway for an art residency that lasted four months, followed by his first solo exhibition. Once he came back home, Jad started to prepare his first solo exhibition in Palestine, «Another Space» which was exhibited at the French Culture Centers (CCF) in Jerusalem, Ramallah, Nablus & Gaza (Palestine 2006). Later in 2007, he was granted an international artist residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, France, by Welfare Association. In the fall of 2008, Jad returned to Paris to pursue a Master of Fine Art in Contemporary Art and New Media, which he obtained from Saint-Denis Université Paris 8, France in 2010.

Jad works with paintings in a variety of materials and techniques, including silk printing, stencils, acrylic paint (spray paint, pigment, ink) acrylic and oil mediums. His work directly deals with controversial issues such as identity, space, place, questioning their role in humanity and its influence on creativity and the future. It is deeply influenced by the socio-political sentiments that compose his identity, as well as the social and cultural community, rooted in a particular place. Jad constantly longs for a feeling of attachment, a sense of significant ownership of that Identity -Space- Place. More recently, his work has been begun to engage with the issue of -The Self-. Jad paints faces expressions, objects, masks, arms, medical material, human and animal figures. His paintings are composed of different layers of different images -the D.N.A of the paintings- which carry different images in a different universe. A universe where dimensions, figures, forms and spaces face each other and are mixed up at the same time. His most recent paintings deal with personal vulnerability, experience of existential anxiety which are closely linked to issues such as religion, nationalism, conflict, building identity, context of the chaos of humanity, fragmentation of society, and exile.

Jad Salman has exhibited at various galleries, and art venues including: Paris «Île-de-France» (2023 / 2021 / 2018 / 2016 / 2013 & 2007). Berlin (Germany 2012/ 2011). Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle (Spain 2011). Young Artist of the Year (YAYA) -A.M. Qattan Foundation/ Ramallah (Palestine 2008). ZheJiang Art Museum -International Art Exchange Center-, Hangzhou (China 2010). UNESCO, Paris (France 2011). Studio Lademoen Kunsterverksteder, Trondheim (Norway 2005). UN-Headquarters, NYC (USA 2004). Institut Français -CCF- (Palestine 2006). Saint-Pierre-des-Corps (France 2009/ 2011). and Turin (Italy 2005) among others. With different artist residencies participation like Lademoen Kunsterverksteder (Troundhiem 2005). Cité Internationale des Arts (Paris 2007). Le Lieu de l’autre-Anis Gras (Arcueil 2011). Gallerie Gonzalez (Île-de-France 2021). Workshops such as First Atelier of preparation for the International Academy of Art Palestine with the Academy of Art Oslo | Ramallah (Palestine 2004). L’étendue -Paris VIII Université-, Hydra (Greece 2009). The Kids’ Guernica Project (Picasso atelier action -6th arrondissement in Paris-) (France 2010). -Entre Deux- Paris VIII Université + Paris I Université, (France 2014).


Jad Salman

Born in 1983, Toulkarem / Palestine.

Since 2008, Lives and works in Paris / France.


  • 2010 MFA in Contemporary Art and New Media, Université Paris 8, Saint-Denis / France.
  • 2005 BA in fine Arts, specialized in “Interior Design“, An-Najah University, Nablus / Palestine.

Solo Exhibitions:


  • Jeux de Superpositions, Galerie Anis Gras – Le Lieu de L’autre | Arcueil / France.


  • Dehors, Galerie Art Contemporain Sèvres «La ChARTreuSE» | Sèvres/ France.


  • The Maker M.E, Galerie Privé S | Paris / France.


  • Anaérobie (Le manque d’oxygène), Galerie Anis Gras – Le Lieu de L’autre | Arcueil / France.


  • The Wild Beasts Are Hungry, Weekend Gallery | Berlin / Germany.


  • Unaware of the Space, Galería Araguaney | Santiago de Compostela / Spain.


  • The Place, Galerie Emmanuel-Chabrier | St-Pierre-des-Corps / France.


  • Don Quichotte, Gallery L’Art de Vivre | Tours / France.
  • Borders of the Sun II, Galerie Emmanuel-Chabrier | St-Pierre-des-Corps / France.


  • Borders of the Sun I, Cité Internationale des Arts | Paris / France.


  • Another Space, Institut Français -CCF- in Jerusalem, Nablus, Ramallah and Gaza / Palestine.


  • Stop, Studio Lademoen Kunsterverksteder | Troundhiem / Norway.

Selected Group Exhibitions:


  • 30 ans d’Art, Galerie Julio Gonzalez | Arcueil / France.


  • ZaZa`s, Z’Artistes Z’Arcueillais, Galerie Julio Gonzalez | Arcueil / France.


  • Chaos, la Sévrienne des Arts «la Rotonde du Sel» | Sèvres/ France.


  • Entre Deux, Galerie Michel Journiac | Paris / France.


  • The International Day for Solidarity with Palestine, UNESC | Paris / France.


  • Zhejiang International tArt Exchange of Museum | Hangzhou / China.
  • Creative Palestinian Art, Gallery Art Sawa | Dubai / UAE.
  • Quartier Sensible, CFDT | Paris / France.


  • Prizes Antoine Marin (edition 13), Galerie Julio Gonzalez | Arcueil / France.
  • Living a live (University Paris VIII) | Vincennes / France.


  • Young Artist of the year, A.M. Qattan Foundation | Ramallah / Palestine.


  • Roushan Festival of the Minor Works of Art | Jeddah / Saudi Arabia.
  • The Promise of Freedom and Life | La Fleche / France.
  • Occupied Space, Gallery 27 | London / England.
  • Asie-Afrique (Jaala) | Tokyo / Japan.


  • Jifna Spring | Ramallah / Palestine.
  • Countries under war | Turin / Italy.


  • The International Day for Solidarity with Palestine, UN Headquarters Hall | New York / USA.



  • Entre Deux, Paris VIII Université + Paris I Université | Paris / France.


  • The Kids’ Guernica Project, (Picasso atelier 6ème Arr) | Paris / France.
  • L’étendue, workshop with Paris VIII University | Hydra / Greece.


  • The Kids’ Guernica Project | Athens / Greece.


  • The international art workshop (Jifna Spring), Ministry of Culture | Ramallah / Palestine


  • First Atelier of preparation for the International Academy of Art Palestine with the Academy of Art Oslo | Ramallah / Palestine.



  • Galerie Julio Gonzalez | Arcueil / France.


  • Anis Gras – Le lieu de l’utre, Arcueil / France.


  • Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris / France.


  • Studio Lademoen Kunsterverksteder, Trondheim / Norway.



  • Member of the Palestinian Artist League, Ramallah / Palestine.
  • Member of Artists House, Paris / France.

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