The Wild Beasts Are Hungry 2012

In 1912, exactly a century ago, the writer Anatole France published «The Gods are Thirsty», an epic of the French revolution in its  bloodiest years, the years of terror. How could one not think of this  when, a century later, at the time of the Arab revolutions which started  of as a “spring” mirroring the springtime of European people in 1848,  before plunging into doubt and violence? Palestinian artist living in  Paris, Jad Salman seems to echo this in his latest series.

While the  gods were thirsty, now the wild beasts are hungry. Beasts lurking in the  shadow of Arab nations dormant for many years, comfortable in either  “harsh”or “soft” dictatorships, are now awake craving for their daily  share of fresh meat. Using layers of bright colors, feline shapes, god’s finger or winds’ explosions, the artist takes us where the past, the  present and the future overlap outlining the next and unknown step.

Dr. Gilles Kremer / French editor & journalist